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  Once Upon a Time in Poland

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Once Upon a Time in Poland, volume one of old Polish legends and famous folk tales from different regions of Poland. This book is dedicated to all the people who take time to tell stories to their children and keep our Polish tradition alive. Fourteen well known stories, printed on 60 pages in an A4 format with a hard cover. Discover some of the many traditional legends of Poland. Stories, such as The Journey of Three Brothers, The First Witch, The Trumpeter of Kraków, Jurata the Queen of the Baltic Sea, Kathryn’s Gingerbread Cookies, Marzanna the Goddess of Winter, The Eagle’s Ring, Warsaw Mermaid, The Basilisk, Stenka the Pirate, The King of Ravens, The Wawel Dragon, The Weeping Willow, Mr Twardowski and the Devil. Retold in English, with interesting activities for each legend and pronunciation tips. Immerse yourself in the wonderful magical world of old, with frolicking mermaids, stout pirates, cunning witches, scary dragons, steadfast princes and horrible monsters. Click here to preview.
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This bilingual activity book has been created with the young reader in mind.

The most famous Polish legendary characters are introduced and described to awaken interest and intrigue the reader. The activities will keep children busy for hours and are a great way to discover the magical creatures of the legendary Polish world. 


Readers will learn about six different legendary characters: Smok Wawelski, Syrenka Warszawska, Bazyliszek, Jurata, Trębacz z wieży mariackiej, Król Kruków.

They can colour the pictures, find locations on the map and have fun answering questions.

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SURVIVAL KIT - awesome new lessons - $12.00 NZD

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The Survival Kit is a sequence of 10 lesson plans that are a revision and extension of the previous lessons but in different context. They revise / repeat the knowledge so far and extend it one step further. Primary School lessons continue fun games, art and also add some serious work in the form of worksheets.
It cannot be any easier. All you need to do is press the print button.
The lessons are in the context of our students traveling to Poland and to prepare them for this trip. Each lesson contains flash cards, vocabulary list, worksheet, apprehensive lesson plan and any other resources needed. The lessons are designed so they can be used on their own or in conjunction with the previous lessons (knowledge).
Have a look at our sample lesson HERE.
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