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  Once Upon a Time in Poland

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Bishop Gamrat - How Greed was Punished

There was once an old bishop called Gamrat, known for his wine cellar, in which the best wines of the world could be found. When Gamrat felt death was close, he called his most trusted servants and asked them a favour. He wanted them to take two barrels of the very best wine and deliver it to the nearby monastery.

However, the servants did not do as their master commanded. They took the best wine for themselves and chose some of much lower quality for the gift for the monastary.

They never gave their bad deed another thought until one day, as they were sitting in the chamber drinking happily the best wine, they heard strange knocking on the door. They opened, but there was no one there. After a few minutes the situation repeated. This time they got really scared. When they heard the knocking for the third time, they were almost dead of fear. The door opened and they saw Gamrat, dressed in his bishop’s robes. He approached the table, hit it with his fist and said accusingly: “You did not fulfill the dying man’s last request. You will get what you deserve.” With these words he disappeared.

The next morning brought some interesting news from the monastery: somehow, during the night, some barrels with the world’s best wine had appeared near its walls. No one knew how that was possible. The servants could have explained it, but they were not left to live.