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  Once Upon a Time in Poland

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The Legend of Jadwiga and her Apron of Roses

Jadwiga was a devout Christian, and often smuggled food from the castle, to the poor, out the back door of the castle, carrying the bread, meat, and cheeses in her large apron. The legend says that King Jagiełło's men told him of his bride's strange comings and goings at night. His advisors even told him that she was taking secrets to rebels and others plotting against him. King Jagiełło became furious and was determined to get to the bottom of the story concerning Jadwiga's after-dark wanderings.

One night, as she was leaving by a secret door, King Jagiełło sprang out of the bushes and demanded to see what was in Jadwiga's apron. A miracle occurred and the food she was carrying (which would have earned her a death sentence), turned into a garland of roses. To this day, Jadwiga is always depicted wearing an apron of roses.