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  Once Upon a Time in Poland

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Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Legends page.

Polish literature is full of wonderful stories that have been told from one generation to another. On this page we would like to give you as many of these stories as we can find. 

Have you ever heard of the beautiful and brave Princess Wanda who refused to get married with a cruel knight? Or have you heard a story about a beautiful and misunderstood Marzanna, our queen of winter?

Or the brave and clever Trumpeter who saved Krakow from blood thirsty Tatars? And who hasn't heard the story about the horrible Dragon who lived in the cave underneath the Wawel castle?

We hope you will enjoy these legends as we have when our mums read them to us and now as we are reading them to our children. We are happy to hear from you if you have another story to add to this collection for everyone else to enjoy.