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  Once Upon a Time in Poland

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  Once Upon a Time in Poland

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The Wairarapa Polish School

The Wairarapa Polish School is a place where children of Polish decent meet once a week to learn the Polish language, customs and a little bit of everything about Poland.

All of our children have been born outside of Poland and English is their first language. Some of them have parents who represent two different cultures and some are a third generation Poles with grandparents who teach them the old Polish ways.
Regardless what their background is, they all discovered that it is much more fun to learn in a group and be able to relate to others.
Our lessons are a great jump start to their future language education and we noticed that our older children use this experience in learning of other foreign languages at school. 

Wairarapa is a beautiful, mainly farming region situated at the very bottom of New Zealand’s north island. We are quite isolated from all the physical influences of the Polish culture so the use of today’s technology is a crucial part in our learning curriculum. And, of course, we use as much of our own imagination as we can.

During our classes, children learn basics of the spoken and written language. They learn poems like ‘ślimak, pokaż rogi’; group games such as ‘ stary niedźwiedź mocno śpi’; they draw, cut, glue and create their own language art. Sometimes they sing, dance and watch Polish movies.
Here are some examples of their work (click image to enlarge).