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  Once Upon a Time in Poland

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  Once Upon a Time in Poland

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Cześć! Welcome to website created for all the polish teachers who, just like us, struggle to find ready resources for teaching Polish as a second language. All of the content of this site is based on our own experiences as teachers of Polish language.

At we believe that anyone can be a teacher when supported by right tools so we have created this website with preschoolers and primary school age children in mind, no matter if they live in Poland or are scattered around the world.
Our aim is to create fun and enjoyable experiences for children and save teachers’ time by giving them ready to use resource.

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The resources and lessons are arranged in two sections: preschool and primary. All lessons come with the resources, which are ready to print. Our lessons are based on IRDPX teaching method but it is up to the teachers how they want to use them.

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This is where you can find information about Polish schools outside of Poland. We envisage this place to become the notice board for all the Polish Language Schools from around the world. So write to us and send photos from your school and we will publish them online.

Here you can find some old Polish legends and stories to read with the whole family. We also introduce parts of the outstanding Polish books in a virtual book form. Have a look, read and enjoy.

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Once Upon a Time in Poland is here!

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Once Upon a Time in Poland, volume one of old Polish legends and famous folk tales from different regions of Poland, is available in our SHOP now. 

Fourteen well known stories, printed on 60 pages in an A4 format with a hard cover.

Discover some of the many traditional legends of Poland. Stories, such as The Journey of Three Brothers, The First Witch, The Trumpeter of Kraków, Jurata the Queen of the Baltic Sea, Kathryn’s Gingerbread Cookies, Marzanna the Goddess of Winter, The Eagle’s Ring, Warsaw Mermaid, The Basilisk, Stenka the Pirate, The King of Ravens, The Wawel Dragon, The Weeping Willow, Mr Twardowski and the Devil.


The new travel kit for kids is here!

The Survival Kit is a sequence of 10 lesson plans that are a revision and extension of the previous lessons but in different context.

If you have enjoyed our free lessons so far and you think that you would like to continue teaching / learning of Polish language style then click here for a preview.

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